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Aug 21, 2012

Goodbye Sec Jesse

Coconucumo _ | Aug 21, 2012

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Secretary Jesse Robredo, Jesse Robredo, Robredo are words and phrases that will most likely on top of any search engine lately. His sudden death surprised everyone in this world who knows him and he was immediately known by others who didn’t know him at all. Described by many as a man of action and always on the rush to do his job, Sec. Jesse is so far the most admired government official of the Aquino administration.
He was appointed to head the Department of Interior and Local Government by President Benigno Aquino in 2010 but was never confirmed by the Commission on Appointment for several reasons. Despite that he still managed to do his job with great results. Yes, there are problems that remain unsolved but Sec Jesse is perfect enough for his job and showed the Filipino people how worthy he is of the job given to his as DILG Secretary.
Before joining the Aquino cabinet, he served his beloved Naga City for 3 years as Mayor. He brought Naga to limelight and give Naga City what is has today.
Robredo is not just a man of service to the nation but also to his family. Despite his busy schedule he never forgets to give time to his family. In fact, he was scheduled to ride a Cebu Pacific Plane on Saturday but decided to take a private plane in order to be with his daughter ceremony. Just how great father he was!
Truly, Sec Robredo will be remembered as one great father and leader of this country. May you rest in peace Sec Jesse! 


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