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Mar 7, 2012

Sen. Marcos:Aquino a ‘big nuisance’

Davao Tours B | Mar 7, 2012

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Senator Ferdinand Marcos called President Benigno Aquino a "big nuissance" in the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona.
He said that the statements made by Pnoy publicly is causing the Filipino people confusion about the real scenario of the whole process.
“It muddies the water about what is in fact the evidence being presented in court. I don’t know what is the purpose because the senator-judges are very, very focused in what is going on during the trial and we’re very, very conscientious about dispensing what goes on in the media,” Marcos said in an interview. “I remember he (Aquino) made a promise very early on that he would be impartial and hands off in the impeachment process. Baka balikan na lang n’ya ‘yong policy na ‘yon (I think he needs to review that policy) and that would be much better I think for everyone concerned,” he added.


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