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Mar 7, 2012

Corona will reveal his dollar deposits

Coconucumo _ | Mar 7, 2012

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On Wednesday, Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona confirmed that he will let the public see his dollar deposits. This is to prove to everyone that he has nothing to hide. Corona's dollar account has been an issue since the impeachment trial begins because of some speculations the he is hiding away "700,000 dollars" which is contradicting to what he earns as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

"Whether or not there was a TRO from the Supreme Court, I said I will open it in due time and the due time is next week. I have always said there is no problem with my dollar deposits because I can explain it, " Corona said in a radio DZBB interview.

The Prosecutors urge Corona to give permission to the investigating team to open his dollar account to prove the existence of the $700k. On the other hand, Karen Jimeno of the Defense panel said that the dollar deposits that Corona had is part of his savings when he was still working in the private sector as top executive. 

Corona also reiterated that he came from a family with something to be proud of. “Pinalalabas kasi na ako daw ay walang-wala ng pumasok sa gobyerno. Eh hindi na totoo yan. Ako po ay top executive sa private sector, may naipon po ako, at ang pamilyang pinanggalingan ko ay hindi walang wala.”


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