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Feb 15, 2012

Webb, Visconde paths cross at Senate

Coconucumo _ | Feb 15, 2012

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A rare moment except during court appearances, former senator Freddie Webb and Lauro Vizconde cross path at senate hallway on Tuesday afternoon after the hearing of impeachment case against Chief Justice Renato Corona. Both may have rode the same elevator but the group of Vizconde step back and gave way to the former senator according to an interview with Vizconde’s nephew Geejay de Lumen with Inquirer.

De Lumen also added that the eyes of the two gentlemen met but no one utter any word. 
Vizonde was at the Senate to comply with a subpoena asking him to testify but was later told that his testimony is not anymore needed. Webb on the other hand was frequently seen at the senate since day 1 of the impeachment trial. 


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