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Feb 20, 2012

Nancy and Hayden are just friends-Vegafria

Coconucumo _ | Feb 20, 2012

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In an interview with Nancy Castiglione’s manager Arnold Vegafria, he said that Nancy and Hayden Kho are “just friends and acquaintances.” He added that Castiglione and her husband are still living together with their 2 children.

The celebrity doctor Vicky Belo admitted few days ago that she and her much younger boyfriend have called it quits because of Castiglione. Apparently Kho is seen kissing Castiglione at a certain bar in Taguig and this triggers Belo to break with Kho.

Here is a part of the statement of Belo sent to her friend Ricky Lo which appeared in the latter’s column in Philippine Star:

“I am letting him go so that they don’t have to be ‘hiding-hiding’ anymore. Yes, we were in love but I am not ilusyonada to think it will be for life given the age gap between us. I don’t need to make a longer statement. I just want people to stop picking on him. He was so good to me and made me so happy,” she said. “Sometimes, relationships just don’t work out. It’s sad but there’s no one to blame.”

Belo and Kho have split up before in the midst of Kho’s sexual controversy but able to get back on track and has their engagement sometime in 2011. They’re supposed to get married this year.


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