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Feb 11, 2012

Johnriel Casimero stopped Luis Alberto Lazarte of Argentina

Davao Tours B | Feb 11, 2012

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The 21 year old Filipino boxer won the  IBF junior flyweight title on the 10th round of the fight against  Luis “El Mosquito” Lazarte in Buenos Aires, Argentina on Saturday. However Johnriel Casimero did not won the title in a clean slate. The Argentine fans cannot accept the lost of Lazarte and thus they started to throw in chairs and bottles. Some fans even climbed up the ring and attacked the Philippine team. 

Promoter Sammy Gello-ani and two others has bruises and they are not fully guarded with local police.
"My friend, Oswaldo Bravo had to pull Casimero pull from the mob and hide him under the ring," according to Philboxing website.


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