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Feb 11, 2012

Another 'First' in the Philippines

Davao Tours B | Feb 11, 2012

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Lately the Philippines have lots of ‘first happenings’. The latest to be in the list is the Chief of the Armed Forces of the Philippines who just joined the famous social networking, Twitter. Lt. Gen. Jessie Dellosa said that it was his children who encouraged him to embrace social media. He also said that social media is one effective tool for his advocacy campaign for transparency in the government and is a good way to promote “feedback mechanism.”
As of posting time the account @CSAFPDellosa has 4 tweets and 369 followers and has followed 28 people which include the accountf President Benigno Aquino and other government officials.

Other firsts:
First Chief Justice to be put on trial
First Senator to resign
First Lady President to be filed with Electoral Sabotage case
First Bachelor President


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