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Dec 1, 2011

Abad to Horn: Seek psychiatric help

Coconucumo _ | Dec 1, 2011

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“I have a suggestion to Len Horn. While she is at St. Luke’s, get a psychiatrist to check on herself because I think she is the one with serious problems. [She’s] confusing the situation right now,” Budget Secretary Florencio Abad said in a television interview with ANC.

This is his reaction to what Len Horn said regarding the so called "Put the little girl to sleep" plot.

“They are sowing intrigue. I think we should completely ignore Len Horn,” said Abad.

Horn said they have a very reliable source who came from the Aquino administration informing them of the said plot. The said plan was also mentioned allegedly in the November 21 column of Ramon Tulfo in Philippine Daily Inquirer.


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