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May 15, 2011


Coconucumo _ | May 15, 2011

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Dominique Strauss-Kahn,an International Monetary Fund Leader and is a possible Presidential Candidate for France was pulled out of an airplane before he was able to leave New York for a sexual assault charge of a chambermaid in a luxury hotel, Sofitel. 
A 32 year old woman told the police that she entered Strauss-Kahn room at around 1pm on Saturday and to her surprise Straus-Kahn emerged from the bed naked and grabbed her and told her to perform oral sex. She was able to broke free and left the room and inform her co-employees about what happened and they call the assistance of 911.
 Strauss-Kahn was not anymore in the room when the police authorities arrived. He left his cellphone and other personal belongings. Strauss-Kahn remains silent and is not yet making any statement to the authorities. The silver gray haired man took the leadership of IMF in 2007 and is said to be the strong contender of the current President of France.
Three years ago, Strauss-Kahn was also involved in a similar situation. And according to investigation he did not exert pressure on the Hungarian Economist but he was questioned for his inappropriate behavior.An in an email to an IMF staff he said: "While this incident constituted an error in judgment on my part, for which I take full responsibility, I firmly believe that I have not abused my position," 


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