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Dec 27, 2012

38th MMFF Rankings on first day

Coconucumo _ | Dec 27, 2012

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Photo courtesy of Google images
Box office kings and queens combine forces to amaze the Filipino audience in the recent 38th Metro Manila Film Festival. Different entries and different genres from different productions compete of who will be the best among each others. And as of the first day of showing the following unofficial data was gathered:

Sisterakas- 39,194,312.65
Si Agimat, Si Enteng at Ako- 29,393,219.10
One More Try- 13,160,987.40
Shake Rattle and Roll XIV- 10,579,339.60
The Strangers- 4,902,627.00
El Presidente- 4,244,500.00
Sosy Problems- 3,036,408.75
Thy Womb- 908,859.00

ABS CBN: How the 8 MMFF films ranked on first day


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