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May 4, 2012

Will B-Meg end it? or TNT will revenge

Coconucumo _ | May 4, 2012

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B-Meg Llamados is hoping to get their 9th title on Friday against Talk N Text. The Llamados headed by Coach Tim Cone is in high spirit to end the series and say goodbye to Tropang Texters.
Cone is gearing up his key players to get the same energy last Wednesday when they nailed down TNT 82-66.
Meanwhile Coach Chot Reyes of Tropang Texters is also determine to win the game and bring it to another do or die scene on Sunday. Reyes motivates his players and push them more to give their best effort to win the championship and bag another title.
Both teams are well prepared and equipped with key players that will surely give anyone an unpredictable game.
The  question is will B-Meg end it? or will TNT revenge?


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