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Apr 28, 2012

Korean mom indicted for killing kids on 'cult' orders

Coconucumo _ | Apr 28, 2012

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A 38 year old Korean woman was indicted for by Prosecutors on Tuesday for killing her 2 children because of 'cult' leader order. 
Identified only by her surname, Kwon drowned her 10 year old daughter and suffocated her 6 year old daughter with a pillow last March 8. Kwon give up her relationships and live in the street together with her 2 daughters as ordered by cult leader, the 32 year old Yang.
Yang and Kwon met sometime in September 2010 during a parent-teacher conference. From there Yang convinced Kwon to join her pseudo-religion called "the system" and promised her of a better life ahead. 
As time passed by Kwon became deeply devoted and follows everything that Yang instructs her to do via text messages. Until such time that she managed to kill her 2 children and commit suicide.
Yang as well as her lover was also arrested and was charged with child abuse. 


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