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Apr 25, 2012

Iran Oil Ministry Reports Cyberattack on Kharg Island

Coconucumo _ | Apr 25, 2012

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Reports coming from Kharg Island, a sea port for Iranian oil export, detail a suspected cyberattack on the island's main crude export terminal. This news released on the morning of April 23, 2012, have been confirmed by Iran's oil ministry, further stating that it was the target of malware attacks over the latest weekend. This attack lead to the main export terminal being disconnected from the internet. Other than access for workers and oil field equipment companies, the location has been placed on complete lockdown.

Kharg Island has been a major location in the history of the Iranian oil industry for quite a long period of time. Originally the island was established by the Dutch Empire as a trading post that was also used as a fort. However in 1766, only 13 years after it's creation, the fort was captured by Mir Mahanna, the governor of Bandar Riq. From then the island went on to become a principal sea terminal for Iranian oil, and was the largest offshore crude oil terminal until the facilities were put out of comission in 1986. The air forces of the Iraq government bombed the island during the Iran-Iraq War, all but destroying most of the main terminal facilities. With the slow recovery and recent purchases of oilfield equipment, one could speculate that there will indeed be an increase of activity at Kharg Island, most likely as a location for further crude oil exchanges between Iran and other oil laden countries.



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