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Mar 26, 2012

Robles: Maria Charina Corona has a property in US

Davao Tours B | Mar 26, 2012

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Chief Justice Renato Corona earlier denied that his family doesn't have any property in the United States. But journalist Raissa Robles confirmed that his daughter Maria Charina Corona bought property in the US 22 days before buying the P6.1 million McKinley property in Taguig. 

"The property is very intriguing because it was bought shortly before the McKinley property was bought. That was in 2008. So it was CJ Corona who brought in his family into the picture so I think it is very pertinent, relevant and material that people follow the money trail and that I think makes his dollar bank deposits very relevant to the case," Robles said when she sat down for an interview with Mornings@ANC.

She also said that the owner of the said property is Maria Charina after her husband signed a waiver.

"The clearest thing though is that it is only the daughter who owns the property. It is not a conjugal thing. The husband signed a waiver to the property. You wonder why the arrangement was that way. And the property was bought 22 days before the McKinley property was bought. You ask yourself – why would someone take 2 liabilities so close to each other, almost at the same time? Is this a period of recession in the US?" she said.

Meanwhile, the defense side said that the property and other information about Charina Corona is not relevant to the impeachment case against the Chief Justice. 


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