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Mar 7, 2012

Grace Lee quits radio show

Coconucumo _ | Mar 7, 2012

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Andrew Santiago, station manager of Magic 89.9 confirmed that Grace Lee is leaving her radio morning show.

"Good morning:) been reading all your tweets. thank you so much everyone. I will properly say goodbye on the show this Thursday," Lee said on her Twitter account.

There is a 'supposed email' to her friend DJ MO Twister that has been going around online and she said that "is not capable of handling the format of their show" and she is also " emotionally struggling" lately.

Below is the copy of her supposed e-mail to Twister:

Hi Mo,

Composed a long email and found out my dog chewed on our internet cable. Hay. Well, I have been contemplating this for quite some time and with the recent happenings in my life I guess it just fast-tracked my decision-making. As you already know the past month has been really stressful and emotionally I have been struggling. I realized the our show requires me to be who I am; but lately it's been difficult when everyone wants to twist or put malice into things that I would normally say. I admit I have been extra sensitive to things and I know you can sense it and so can the listeners. I have realized that at this point in time I'm not capable of handling the format of our morning show. The show has given me a wonderful, fun four years; but I believe the time has come for me to exit. I hope you understand and rest-assured I will always be indebted to this show you pioneered. I will talk to the management regarding my decision and on Thursday drop by the show to properly say goodbye to our listeners. Thank you again Mo for making everything possible this show has changed my life.

- Grace Lee
March 6, 2012
12:17 a.m.


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