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Mar 24, 2012

Edu Manzano: I won’t pass blame to my ‘source’

Davao Tours B | Mar 24, 2012

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Actor Edu Manzano is taking full responsibility regarding his tweet about President Benigno Aquino and Grace Lee's date on Thursday. Edu had apologized and posted on his Twitter account that he is not blaming his source,
“To those offering ‘palusots’ (excuses): Thanks, but I’ll pass. Wala pong palusot kapag nagkamali ka. I own up to it. I won’t pass blame to my ‘source,’” Manzano posted.
“And to those who have posted personal attacks against me, I sincerely understand. Lord knows I’ve given you a lot of material to work with,” he added.
 Meanwhile the President as well as Grace Lee denied that they were having a date on Thursday. Both said they have their own commitment on that day.


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