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Feb 18, 2012

Pnoy challenged to reveal psych report

Coconucumo _ | Feb 18, 2012

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Chief Justice Renato Corona challenged President Benigno Aquino to show to the public his statements of assets, liabilities and net worth (SALNs), bank records and even his psychological records.

Corona said in an interview that it is also best for the president if he reveal and explain what is in his SALN and bank records. Corona also said that apart from those he should also reveal his psychological records which have been a long time issue way back during the campaign in May 2010. It was the Nacionalista Party of Senator Manny Villar who came out of the psychiatric report and handed it over to ABS CBN and was soon discovered that it was fake. The Nacionalista Party denied it.

The palace is still mum on the harsh statements of Corona against the President.


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