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Feb 16, 2012

James Ingram snubs Boy Abunda

Davao Tours B | Feb 16, 2012

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The King of Talk Boy Abunda was depressed and a bit sad when James Ingram failed to appear in his segment in Bandila on Wednesday.
According to Abunda, Ingram cancelled his appointment because he was tired already promoting his concert on February 17.
Abunda also said that Ingram is a bit snobbish as he recalled an incident several years ago. He was then a newbie in the industry and Ingram was in the country for his first concert. Apparently, when Abunda and the rest of the concert promoters were at the airport to welcome him, Ingram just went straight to his car as if he sees no one around him.
Despite the incident, Abunda said he is still a fan of Ingram and that he has still great respect for the artist.


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