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Feb 13, 2012

I'm deeply offended-Grace Lee

Coconucumo _ | Feb 13, 2012

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Journalist Ellen Tordesillas post on her website  that the Korean host is seeing herself marrying the bachelor President of the Philippines. According to the article, Lee confirmed it through her conversation with her New
York based friend DJ Mo Twister. Mo asked Lee on how long their relationship will last and she answered "the full length."

Meanwhile, Lee posted and denied the report on her Twitter account, "I think journalist Ellen tordesillas need to formally apologize to the public for a very false n vile article!!."
Lee is also dismayed of Tordesillas saying , "I'm deeply offended that a joursnalist like Ellen Tordesillas would write an article of lies to sensationalize one's private life. I have never said anything remotely close to what her write up says i did. I believe the public deserves an apology from her. Furthermore, I would like to request Ms Ellen Tordesillas to name the source who claims to have spoken to me regarding the PSG issue as this is not to be taken lightly."

Lee also denied that the President offered her a personal security from Presidential Security Group.


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