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Feb 23, 2012

41 year old woman sued for Bigamy

Davao Tours B | Feb 23, 2012

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The City Prosecution Office (CPO) of Davao City charged Jessica D. Enriquez with bigamy based on the affidavit-complaint of Vicente Abanto, 83, of Quezon Boulevard.
Abanto said he married Enriquez in Dacember 2010 but after the marriage performed by by a priest of Iglesia Filipina Independiente, the latter refused to live with him. 
In his affidavit Abanto said that he was detained twice due to allegations accused to him by Enriquez. He also added that Enriquez always demand for financial support even if they are not living together. 
In September 2011 he found out that Enriquez was already married to two different men validated by a certificate issued by National Statistics Office Manila Office of the Civil Registrar General.
Thus, he filed the case. Enriquez failed to submit a counter affidavit and was asked to pay P20,000 for her bail. 


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