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Jan 25, 2012

Make life easier with oleophobic coated eyeglasses

Coconucumo _ | Jan 25, 2012

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Zenni Optical

Though all of the human sense organs are as important as their function but people often chose the eye as the most important of all. I heard my cousin said that he would rather get amputated than getting blind. He is a diabetic and his eyes are prone to get cataracts and glaucoma. Aside from his usual diabetic diet and regular eye check-ups he also make sure that he wears great eye glasses. He told me that he doesn’t worry much because Zenni Optical provides the best, affordable and stylish eye glasses and contact lenses. He is telling me more about Zenni Optical and that makes me curious, so I checked on it and I am greatly amazed. 
499816 Stainless Steel Full-Rim Frame  612317 Acetate Full-Rim Frame 

I learned that Zenni Optical is the #1 online eyeglasses store offering high-quality prescription eyeglasses. They even have $6.95 prescription glasses available! The affordability of their product is packaged with great quality, durability, style and comfort to the one who wears it. 

Zenni Optical has wide selection of products available. They’ve got sizes for both adults and children. They also got glasses with rims and rimless type of different shapes sizes and colors.They even have goggles and sunshades! Their lens includes regular prescription lenses as well as bifocal, trifocal and no line bifocal. 
741017 Prescription Wind Goggles704921 Prescription Wind Goggles
What make me more curious are their lenses with Oleophobic coating. It has fingerprint resistance and effectively repels water and dust. It is also easier to clean and stays clearer compared to conventional lenses. With its AR coating, it has an anti-reflective component against headlights reflections when driving and camera flash during photograph moments plus it is also less noticeable. 

To order you just have to go to Zenni Optical website and provide specific information from your optometrist including your eyeglasses measurements. You can click on the link Finding Correct Size for further assistance regarding your correct fit.


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