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Jan 24, 2012

Fuggedaboutit! NY named rudest US city

Davao Tours B | Jan 24, 2012

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Agence France-Presse

NEW YORK - In-your-face drivers, unsmiling pedestrians and more than eight million people in a rush: New York has been named America's rudest city.

The January issue of Travel and Leisure magazine gave the Big Apple the honor, saying readers voted America's most populous city at the head of a list of 20.

Following up were Miami in second place, Washington, DC, and three-time champ and road-rage capital Los Angeles.

Smaller, slower-paced southern cities like New Orleans and Charleston made the top five of a list of friendly cities.

"People in New York are constantly in a rush," the magazine quoted etiquette expert Thomas P. Farley, author of What Manners Most blog, as saying.

"Certainly, they don't linger on corners smiling, waving, and waiting to help people. But once you've stopped a New Yorker and asked them for directions, they're usually more than helpful."


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