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Dec 25, 2011

When politics becomes personal: Top Nation stories for 2011

Coconucumo _ | Dec 25, 2011

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ABS CBN news team compiled 2011 best and worst scenarios in politics. The news that draws the attention of everyone around the world and makes everyone talks about it at anytime. Here are the list of 11 Top Political Stories for the year 2011:

  1. Mike Arroyo's helicopter sale
  2. Marcos' dream: PH another Singapore
  3. Pnoy takes on Corona
  4. Pnoy's Porsche
  5. Zaldy talks, Zubiri quits
  6. Pacquiao fights The Pill; Pacmom takes on Miriam
  7. Magsaysay and that 'menopausal bitch'
  8. The DPWH Photoshop fail
  9. Gloria's woes
  10. Like Cain and Abel? Ramgen Bautista murdered
  11. A scandal ends in a general's suicide
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