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Dec 3, 2011

Opinion: Investigate Elena Bautista-Horn

Coconucumo _ | Dec 3, 2011

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The name Elena Bautista-Horn is not new to every Filipino. I don’t know much about Horn until lately when her name keeps popping in almost all media outlets defending her then boss Gloria Arroyo. She is always ready to defend Arroyo no matter what it takes. I understand her concern towards the former president but I guess lying in public and to yourself are two different things. When you lie in public its fine because everyone has the right to tell white lies. But lying to yourself is I guess something that will not give you a sound sleep at night. There are some criminals that surfaced and take the consequence because they can’t sleep and that their conscience has been telling them to tell the truth. Now in the case of Horn it makes me ponder why is she doing this? Is it because she knows very well CGMA? Or is it because she’s obliged to do it because CGMA had helped her during the latter’s time of governance?  
Whatever it is me and you don’t know.
I am urging anyone in the government to atleast conduct a thorough investigation about Horn most especially her finances from the very first time she gain a position in the government. I am not sure of the result but I guess it will give clarity to some people who are also confused why Horn is so much in love with CGMA. Hope that investigation comes soon.


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