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Nov 6, 2011

Ramona Bautista tags her brother assistant in the murder case

Coconucumo _ | Nov 6, 2011

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Manila, Philippines- Ramona Bautista, who was one of the suspects in his brother death, Ramgen Revilla repeatedly denied that she was innocent of any accusations against her. She further said in a recorded video sent to ABS CBN news that the police authorities should also look and investigate Ronald Ancajas. Ancajas is the personal assistant of Ramgen who according to Ramona knows every moves of the victim.

Ancajas together with the other 3 household helpers were at the house of Ramgen when Ramgen was killed. However, Ancajas said in an ealier interview that he hears nothing from the bedroom of Ramgen because he was in deep sleep and that he was only awake when the police authorities knock on his door.

Ramona also admitted in the video that she is already married and is just visiting the Philippines. She added that she and the rest of her siblings has no rivalry in any form. They only quarrel over petty things like who will drive this car, who will fetch the younger ones, who will do this thing. She is calling on the police authorities to further investigate the crime thoroughly and not just accused her and her brother Joseph of the crime they did not do.


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