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Nov 10, 2011

5.7 quake in Turkey collapses damaged buildings, kills 3

Coconucumo _ | Nov 10, 2011

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Ankara, Turkey- A 5.7 magnitude quake hits eastern Turkey on Wednesday killing at least 3 people. Twenty one buildings including hotels collapsed and several people were trapped by the said rubble. 

The quake occurred at 1923 GMT, with the epicenter in the Edremit district, some 15 kilometers (nine miles) from the Van province, according to the Istanbul-based Kandilli Observatory.

Television footage showed panicked people running through the streets of Van and ambulances rushing through the city with their sirens wailing. Medical staff treated one unconscious person lying on an ambulance stretcher.
Eleven people have so far been rescued alive from the rubble of the two hotels, state-run Anatolian news agency said.
A 7.2 magnitude earth quake had devastated  the province on October 23 which killed more than 500 people. Still many residents are sleeping in tents too afraid to go back to their homes.


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