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Aug 22, 2011

ABS-CBN and CNN common error

Coconucumo _ | Aug 22, 2011

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Truly, no one is perfect. CNN, a renowned international broadcasting media and ABS-CBN surely has great editors but they still commit mistakes in their reports. Before publishing a news, it is carefully checked for some grammars and typographical errors as this will have an impact not only on the writer but to the whole company as well. If you misspell or mistype any word in your report, this will bounced back a negative impact. Though some may say that no one is perfect but you have to be at least a line below perfection because you are in the field that everyone is expecting you to be delivering concise and exact report, correct and impressive grammar.
Instead of using "he" the writer used "she"

News At Ten spelling error
Bad spell: News At Ten presenter Sian Williams in front of the error

The name of the lawyer, KENNETH Thompson is not spelled correctly


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