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May 4, 2011


Coconucumo _ | May 4, 2011

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Who wouldn't have known Osama Bin Laden? No one except those who are not yet born of course. My 3 year old daughter knows him as the main brain in September 11 twin tower attacked. Where many people died, many tears fell and many are grieving. Until now there are still lots of people grieving because  their loved ones died unexpectedly.

May When the President of the United States, Barrack Obama, announces Osama's death many people all over the world laugh and celebrate. They are just extremely happy of the result of the US military operation. For them this is a victory of a lifetime. After a decade of justice sacrifice, they now can sleep with a smile in their face.

But questions still remains. Is the death of Bin Laden an answer to the terrorism problem of the world? Definitely not. Osama might be the leader but he has members. Members that has been fully equipped with terrorist tactics and ideas. Members that has been widely spreading all over the world with no other aim but to destabilize the world.
As good citizens of planet earth, let us all be vigilant and report any unusual incidents to the authorities of the law.


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