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May 21, 2011

Strauss-Kahn Release

Coconucumo _ | May 21, 2011

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New York- The Former IMF Chief was released from Riker's Island yesterday after posting $6 million bail. $1 million cash for his temporary freedom and $5 million bond.
Supreme Court Justice Michael Obus signed the released paper for Strauss-Kahn for a house arrest and 24 hours monitoring.
Strauss-kahn was temporarily brought to a house in lower Manhattan after the luxury apartment where they have previous arrangement have troubled. Neighbors objected to his stay because of the number of media people who flocks in the area. "This is intended to be temporary, meaning a few days, and in the meantime, efforts would be made to arrange for another suitable residence," state Supreme Court Justice Michael Obus said.

Prosecutors are against the temporary release of Strauss-Kahn stating that the former IMF chief might use his wealth to flee the country like the filmmaker Roman Polanski. But Kahn's lawyers stated that he will not leave the country and he will participate in every hearing to clear out his name on sexual assault allegation. 


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