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May 11, 2011

Pacquiao not on Most Influential List in FORBES

Coconucumo _ | May 11, 2011

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There are about 1000 adult respondents in the E-poll and Nielsen Media Research conducted. The variables on this survery includes the likeability and awareness level of each respondent. The main purpose of the survey is to know who is the most influential athlete. And as a result it was
Jimmy Johnson, a NASCAR driver, who is said to be first on the list. Johnson was followed by Tom Brady,Dale Earnhardt Jr., Shaquille O'Neal, Michael Phelps,Troy Polamalu, Peyton Manning, Jeff Gordon, LeBron James and Tim Tebow.
It is surprising that Manny Pacquiao is not on the list. Though he has the highest score for the most
influential but he is said to be known to only 12% of the respondents. More of this news on Forbes


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