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May 14, 2011

George Mitchell Resigns

Coconucumo _ | May 14, 2011

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George Mitchell

Former Senator George Mitchell tendered his resignation as US envoy the Middle East. According to President Obama, Mitchell's had "contributed immeasurably" to the peace process in Middle East. He became an envoy of peace to the two conflicting countries- Israel and Palestine.
Though he didn't succeed but his dedication is appreciated. President Obama said in a statement: "As he returns to his family, George leaves behind a proud legacy of dedicated public service and the country owes him a debt of gratitude for his extraordinary commitment."
Meanwhile, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said: "As well as anyone in his generation, George understands the slow, hard work of diplomacy, the art of compromise and the indispensable role of American leadership in the world." 
It was Deputy Middle East Envoy David Hale who will serve as acting envoy. The resignation will be effective from 20 May.


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