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May 11, 2011

Fil-Am children at high risk for Kawasaki Disease — GMAnews

Coconucumo _ | May 11, 2011

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Fil-Am children at high risk for Kawasaki Disease

CHICAGO — A study has shown that Filipino children in San Diego, California in the United States were at higher risk of contracting the "Kawasaki Disease" (KD), a heart ailment that may cause sudden death among children, compared to non-Filipinos.

While children of all ethnicities may contract KD, a study found that young Filipinos with KD were at a higher risk for inflammation of the blood vessels of the heart compared to other Asian and non-Asians. 

The study showed that nearly 24 percent of Filipino children with KD in San Diego County were found to have aneurysms compared to only 10.5 percent of children of other Asian descent,the study said. Read More on GMAnews


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