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May 19, 2011


Coconucumo _ | May 19, 2011

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Ex-Gov Antonio Leviste
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Ex Governon Antonio Leviste who has been charged with murder on January 14, 2009 for killing his friend and an aide. He was sentenced for 6-12 years of imprisonment. 
However, "XXX", an ABS-CBN show received a report that Leviste has been going out of Bilibid Prison even with out permit from the Department of Justice. 
On May 18 at 5 p.m., Leviste and his driver Nilo Solis was arrested by the NBI outside LPL building which he also owns. 
Leviste told Anothony Taberna, the host of XXX that he is on his way to the dentist because of an toothache.
When asked if he has a permit to leave the premises of the Bilibid Prison he just said :"Biglang sumakit eh. Deretso na lang ako." More of this on ABS-CBN


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