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May 16, 2011

Bin Laden was a US prisoner before being killed: Iran

Coconucumo _ | May 16, 2011

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Tehran-"I have exact information that bin Laden was held by the American military for sometime... until the day they killed him he was a prisoner held by them,". this harsh words comes directly from the mouth of Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Sunday.
"Please pay attention. This is important. He was held by them for sometime. They made him sick and while he was sick they killed him," Ahmadinejad added.
He accused US President Barack Obama for announcing the Al-Qaeda leader's death for "political gain." 
"What the US president has done is for domestic political gain. In other words, they killed him for Mr Obama's election and now they are seeking to replace him with someone else," Ahmadinejad added.

Last May 2, 2011, Bin Laden was shot dead on his compound in Abbottabad after resisting arrest.

On May 4, Iranian Defence Minister Ahmad Vahidi too had cast doubt on bin Laden's death, saying there were "ambiguities" over the way he was killed.
The Americans "said they threw his body in the sea. Why did they not allowed an independent expert to examine the body to say if it was bin Laden or not?" Vahidi added. And until now the Americans firmly believed that photos and other visual evidence should not be shown on public.


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